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The Halloween Candy Heist Caper

Barbara Richardson

Download Add to Cart $2.50

Jamie and Jemma were both excited about their upcoming Halloween Party until they realize that someone has taken the candy for the party.  They have just one day to get to the bottom of this candy heist or there won't be any candy for their party.

A Halloween Romance

Bethany Jones

Download Add to Cart $1.00

Candace always thought Halloween parties were for kids until she attended one and met the man of her dreams, but even after dancing most of the night away, he disappeard without a clue.  She had thought they were getting along so well and she had given him her phone number, but would he call her?

Halloween Jokes For Kids

Karen Franklin

Download Add to Cart $2.50

Karen has created a delightful book of jokes for kids with a Halloween theme.

Halloween Cruise

Melinda North

Download Add to Cart $1.00

What better way to spend Halloween than to go on a Halloween Cruise for singles? Janice was about to find out.

Growing Up Black

Funny Sayings and One Liners that I heard Growing Up

David Smith

Download Add to Cart $7.50

David has written a book about the fun things in his childhood that he heard and saw the adults and kids in his life say and do. Step back in time and smile.

Halloween Kitty

Jenny Johnson

Download Add to Cart $2.50

When A black cat shows

up on her doorstep on

Halloween evening,

Tammy knows her wish

for a pet has finally c

ome true but will her

mom let her keep the cat?

Halloween Magic

Candi Michaels

Download Add to Cart $1.00

At a Masquerade  Halloween Ball, two people with mistaken identities find love in the most magical of ways while trying to find a run away black cat called midnight.

Halloween Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

Download Add to Cart $1.00

Karen loves Halloween and planning a wedding with a Halloween theme would be easy, right?  From the very start it looked like her plans were under a spell of doom.  Could she fix everything before the big day or would her career as a wedding planner be over?

Halloween Wishes

Jemma Carlson

Download Add to Cart $1.00

       Kerry Nichols has a sweet business. Her candy line called WISHES is doing fantastic. For Halloween she's designed a line of sweets shaped as ghosts, goblins and witches and the confections are going so fast that she has to hire additional help to get the orders out.

       Matt McLaughlin has a huge order for the Wishes confections for his company Halloween Party and Kerry is personally overseeing the order even though she hasn't spoken to Matt for over five years....ever since they'd had a fight and Matt had walked out of her life.

       For Kerry this is bitter torment being this close to Matt again, but she's determined to make everything perfect and not let Matt see how much he'd hurt her.

Halloween Puzzle Mania

Dennis Vance

Download Add to Cart $4.50

More fun puzzles

from puzzle master

Dennis Vance and

these are all about


An Autumn Affair

Tammy Mincer

Download Add to Cart $1.00

What could be better than a cruise to lessen the Autumn blues? Except for the fact that she was on a cruise for singles and every Tom Dick and Harry was hitting on her.

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